Industrial Heavy Duty Workshop Curtain

Industrial Heavy Duty Workshop Curtain


Industrial Workshop Curtains are used most commonly to create a fast temporary segregation zone. Our industrial curtains are typically used to create temperature-controlled zones, dust prevention areas, or prevent cross-contamination. 


Hutchinson’s PVC Solutions are the UK's market-leading supplier of industrial workshop curtains. All of our industrial curtains are manufactured in our Chesterfield factory and can be shipped anywhere in the UK. 


Our industrial sliding workshop curtains systems are designed around your needs. We can manufacture your industrial curtain to suit your needs to allow for smooth operation and ease of use.


Our industrial curtains are available with the following additional features 


  • Clear Vision Panel 


A clear vision panel can be added to your curtain to curtain to help with visibility. Our transparent material comes off the roll at approximately 1.4m, we can however weld two pieces together to create a 2.8m wide clear window. 


  • Chain Pocket


A chain sleeve can be added to the bottom of your curtain to assist in keeping the curtain grounded in drafty environments. 


  • Hook & Loop Join


You may find it beneficial to split the width of your curtain in two to create a fast access door. This allows you to part the two curtains in the centre and pull each curtain in opposite directions. 


  • Reinforced Webbing Top 


The most common way industrial curtains are damaged is from eyelets pulling out of the top, this can be prevented by adding an industrial webbing to the top of the curtain to further reinforce the hem. 


PVC Bottom Colour

The item will be shipped in a small package and may crease up in transit, once the package is carefully opened please allow time for creases to fall out. A heat source will speed up the process

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