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Industrial Track 

Our industrial track is the absolute best solution for our Industrial PVC Curtains.  

Our steel C-Track is available in either stainless steel or galvanized. 

You can fit your track using multiple methods. 

Ceiling Mounted Track Fixings 

Our ceiling-mounted track is designed to be mounted beneath your desired frame. Once you’ve installed our industrial curtain track to your frame you can then proceed to install our workshop curtains. 

Our track will drop your curtain by 90mm so when measuring your curtain we recommend that you allow for 80mm to allow for a 10mm bleed on the floor to help keep your curtain weighted. 

This will leave a small gap at the top of your curtain between the eyelets and the track, if this is an issue we can supply a PVC pelmet for the top of your track to create an airtight system. 


Wall Mounted Track Fixings 

Our wall-mounted track is designed to be mounted to the front fascia of your existing frame otherwise known as the outer edge. 

The fastest way to install our wall-mounted track would be to use self-tapping screws/stitching screws with an impact driver. You must space the wall-mounted track fixings every 1.5m to support the track and curtain once fitted. 

If you are using wall mounts we recommend you make a mark where you desire to fit the supports and measure from this markdown to the ground whilst allowing for a 10mm bleed on the floor. 


RSJ Mounted Track 

The most time-efficient way of fixing our industrial track to an RSJ would be to use our threaded bar track supports. These are ideal for fast installation, simple pre-drill an 8mm hole through your RSJ every 1.5m in a straight line, push the fixing through, and tighten the fixing with the nut provided. 

If you are fixing to an RSJ keep in mind our track will drop the system by 95mm so you should allow for 85mm on your height to allow a 10mm bleed on the floor. 

For example, if your height to RSJ is 4000mm you should instruct us to manufacture your curtain to 3915mm to keep a small floor sweep on the ground. 

If you’re unsure about any of this, please contact a member of our sales team. 


Wire Catenary Kit 

Our steel catenary wire is ideal for smaller systems that will mainly remain static. Although they do have the ability to move from left to right when required the curtain will begin to sag in the center once weight is unequally distributed. 

All kits come supplied with a straining screw, wire rope grips, and galvanized wire rope. 

Picture a long washing line. This may look nice and tensioned once erected but as soon as a wet towel is placed in the center the whole line sags. This is completely expected with any long length of wire. 

This can be avoided if correct tools are used to install the cable in specific circumstances such as using specialist wire rope winches and slings but can more often than not result in a not totally satisfactory result. 

If you want your system to last for many years to come, the preferred option is always tracked. 



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