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Specialist UK Made Industrial Outdoor PVC Curtain Installers and Manufacturers

Specialist UK Made Industrial Outdoor PVC Curtain Installers and Manufacturers 

Our industrial outdoor PVC curtains are designed to withstand all weather and conditions. 

We always recommend that our outdoor curtains are fitted with a reinforced webbing top to ensure the ultimate safety of your curtain. High winds can add additional pressure to your curtain eyelets which could result in failure so having reinforcement on your system is a must. 

All our industrial outdoor PVC workshop curtains are made to measure and can be fitted to the outer edge of your steel frame using a wall-mounted track system. 

All curtains can be manufactured out of one solid colour or be fitted with a clear vision panel for full visibility to the storage unit. 

We also recommended the curtains be fitted with a weighted chain pocket to allow the curtains to not be affected by high wind speeds. 


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